Epiphone Wilshire, Epiphone Riviera, Vantage "Telecaster", and Fender Stratocaster guitars (rewired by Richard Cory with TV Jones pickups. Fender 1972 Precision bass. Unbranded 22 by 16 inch kick drum, unbranded 16 by 16 inch floor tom, Pearl Export Pro 16 by 16 inch floor tom, Ludwig 15 by 10 inch snare (throw-off by Trick Drums, and snare wire by Puresound Percussion. Zildjian cymbals (22 inch 7.5 pound ride, 20 inch 5 pound crash, 14 inch high hats).

Gibson Atlas IV amplifier with a speaker by Warehouse Guitar Speakers for guitar amplification. Fender Blues Jr. amplifier outfitted with transformers by Mercury Magnetics and a speaker by Jensen for vocal amplification (signal also sent to public address system via direct injection by Whirlwind). Kasino Natural Bass amplifier with JBL-MI-632 speaker cabinet for bass amplification (signal also sent to public address system via direct injection by Whirlwind).

Guitar effects by Electroharmonix (Germanium-OD, USA Big Muff, and POG 2) and MXR (Jim Dunlop) (Carbon Copy and Blue Box). Vocal effect by Danelectro (Dan-Echo). pedal power by Voodoo Lab, tuner by Whirlwind.

American DT-4 salt-shaker microphone and Shure Green Bullet for vocals. Audix dynamic instrument microphones (multiple i5s for amplifiers, D6 for kick drum, D2 for floor toms, and D4 for snare drum).

All instruments and microphones listed above, in addition to a Blue Baby Bottle condensor microphone for guitar amplifiers, Peluso 22-251 tube condensor microphones for drums (spaced omni), and Peluso SR14 stereo ribbon microphone for drum overhead (Mid/Side).
Preamplification by Rupert Neve Designs, Universal Audio, Presonus and Focusrite. Analog to digital conversion also by Focusrite.
Reaper recording software by Cockos. Digital effects (equalization and compression) by Waves, Professional Sound Projects, and Cockos.
Monitoring uring mic placement by: Direct Sound Extreme Isolation Headphones. No monitoring used during tracking.

All things other:
Strings (always pure nickel wrap) by Electroharmonix or Ernie Ball. Drumheads by Remo: coated vintage Emperor (toms [batter and resonant] and snare [batter]), coated Emperor (kick [batter and resonant]), and Renaissance (snare [snare side]). Vater Percussion and Vic Firth 5A American hickory sticks. Various hand percussion by Rhythm Tech Percussion. Drum hardware by Ludwig and DW. Yellow Jacket kick pedal by Swingerland USA (no longer in production) with original hickory beater. Unbalanced cable by Lava Cable. Balanced cable by Whirlwind.

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